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Lightning Strikes Twice For Double Lottery Winner

The reports of extraordinary luck by lottery players is always fascinating to cover. Only a short while ago we reported on the 67 year old Florida man James Bozeman Jr. who won the Florida jackpot twice in a year and walked away with $13 million.

This tale of luck seems not to be a freak event as there is yet another story of a 66 year old Joseph Palmarchuk from Michigan who has won the lotto twice in a period of a couple of years.

The Barrytown man has just won a cool $1.35 million lottery jackpot in Michigan’s Classic Lotto 47 game. This follows another $1 million lottery prize he win two years ago in Tennessee.

Palmarchuk is retired and move to Mecosta County in order to be near his family. His family includes seven children,23 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.Palmarchuk is quite the superstitious type and believes that his good fortunes are dependent on karma.

He even went on to predict that he will win again in the next year. If you’re wondering how often he plays the lotto, Palmarchuk tries his luck several times a day and believes in the age old saying that if you can’t win if don’t got a ticket.

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