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Legalized Online Poker In U.S. Sets Off Advertising And Marketing War

With online poker now available in the State of Nevada the race is on to market and promote the benefits of playing online poker from the comfort of your home. Sitting at a casino and enjoying a high stakes poker game is not everyone’s cup of tea. Firstly the effort of physically venturing out and getting dressed up to play is a bit too much effort for many. Added to this is the notorious poker face body language which does not come naturally to many of us. In fact any expert in poker will tell you that a large part of winning is pulling off the ultimate bluff despite not holding a winning hand.

Legal online poker in the U.S. is currently up and running only in Nevada with New Jersey and Delaware expected to follow shortly. Ultimate Poker was the first real money online poker site available for residents of Nevada from April this year. Needless to say being the only product available means that advertising and marketing has been a lot easier for them until now.

However with the recently launched World Series of Poker site or WSOP brand as it is better known the focus on advertising and marketing online poker has taken on a different twist. When it comes to ad agencies and online gambling the potential is huge. In fact estimates are that online gambling companies will invest billions in the coming years in order to secure their market share off online poker and other gambling. An interesting article in focuses on some of the lighter issues of creating an effective marketing campaign.

With this in mind an interesting aspect is how exactly brands lime Ultimate Gaming and WSOP intend to use in order to attract online gamblers. All of us have seen glossy print and media ads for casinos feature beautiful woman and poker players dressed up like James Bond in tuxedo. While these are set to continue there is also an interesting tend to show the benefits of playing online poker from your living room at home. The main advantage of course is that no one sees you, this means that if you want you can essentially enjoy online poker in your underwear if you choose. Not only that there is no longer  any need to worry of your body language gives your hand away as no one can see is this type of humorous yet accurate facts about online gambling that ad agencies intend to emphasize. The fact that you can remain a couch potato, drink beers and still play online poker for real money is quite appealing to may.

A good example of the body language issue can be seen in the WSOP ad campaign.

Ultimate Poker have remained more conservative with emphasizing the obvious fact that online poker lets you play anytime anyplace.

Another marketing strategy employed by WSOP is a cheeky ad campaign with a strong sexual overture. Whether this is too risqué or not will remain to be seen but it certainly gets the attention of the viewer. Below is an example of this.

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