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Launch Of PokerStars Sports Betting Platform Ahead Of Schedule

Hardly a day goes by where we don’t see some sort of headline connected to the largest online poker company in the world PokerStars. Since their acquisition by Amaya Gaming last June they have received unprecedented publicity which has been both good and bad. The ongoing investigation into insider trading by Amaya Gaming is a good example of this. The massive spike of their share price is too good to be true according to Quebec’s securities watchdog.

Whatever you think of their controversial past there is no questioning that they are set to come one of the most influential forces in global gambling and in the U.S. in particular. Amaya’s Chief Executive Officer David Baazov hinted at this at the time of the June acquisition of PokerStars parent company, Rational Group.

With over 80 million registered users, PokerStars has one of the largest player bases which gives them the option of diversifying into other gambling markets besides poker. Baazov said at the time,” with the continuing trend of online gaming regulation around the world, the company has in front of itself an enormous opportunity to leverage its brand recognition and customer loyalty to diversify into other gaming verticals as casino, sports betting and social gaming.”

We reported in November on PokerStars’ plans to launch sports betting as one of these new channels. It now seems that the launch of their sports betting platform will launch ahead of schedule and become available in the first quarter of 2015. In a statement Amaya said that “The sports betting product will launch within the PokerStars poker client in certain markets and PokerStars will gradually add more markets as well as web and mobile versions throughout the year.”

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