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Latest Anti Online Gambling Ad Warns That Angry Birds Leads To Addiction

When Sheldon Adelson said he would do all he can to stop internet gambling in the U.S. we all expected some nasty campaigns. However the latest advertisement from Adelson’s Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling seems to go way too far. Using scare tactics generally does not work. Just ask the tobacco companies if all their dire warnings on the cigarette packs have a significant impact on tobacco sales.

This controversial advertisement which is aimed at influencing the politicians on Capitol Hill has no problems in using a young boy to get their message through. The ad starts off with what millions of children do all over the globe which is plying popular games on their mobile devices which have come second nature to our youth.

It starts off with a narration explaining how a teenager was playing Angry Birds and Candy Crush  when he “accidentally” stumbles on his father’s online gambling account. Of course the devious little boy managed to crack the password and join the world of real money gambling. It goes on to show how he moves from poker to blackjack to roulette with ease while playing for real money.

There is nothing subtle about the message as it says outright that any teenager with a smartphone will be exposed instantly to real money online gambling. These fear tactics employed by Adelson’s well-funded lobbyists is yet another low blow in attempting to blame online gambling for everything from terrorism to money laundering.

As we reported the real experts in law enforcement are certainly not in Adelson’s corner as they point out the obvious in that the only way to regulate online gambling is to bring it under a centrally regulated body which can protect the consumer and the industry as a whole.

Adelsons’ latest ad is just a small part of his media blitz which many critics claim is just him looking after his own brick and mortar casinos which could well feel the effects of legalized online gambling.

Author: Victor

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