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Ladbrokes To Face UKGC Probe After Confidential Data Leak Exposed

There is nothing in the online gambling world that scares players more than data leaks. The integrity of gambling companies to secure sensitive private information of their players is key to them being able to attract and maintain their customer player base.

A serious incident involving Ladbrokes is being investigated by the Gambling Commission following an incident in Glasgow. According to reports Ladbrokes could face an investigation over confidential information regarding gambling addicts that was found in a bin bag on the street. According to reports the information included names, photos, and addresses and was found by a passerby outside a Ladbrokes branch in Glasgow.

The data involved players participating in Ladbrokes’ self-exclusion scheme called Moses which enables gambling addicts to ban themselves voluntarily. The idea of bookmarks holding such information is aimed at bookmakers being able to help identify problem gamblers and prevent them from being able to play irresponsibly.

The Gambling Commission said that they take the issue of sensitive data security very serious and are looking into how such data landed up in bin in the street. Gambling Commission Executive Director, Tim Miller said,” Customers trust that their personal data will be collected carefully and then protected properly. We expect gambling operators to adhere to all data protection laws or regulations, which are enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). In an instance where personal data has been breached, we would expect operators to do whatever they can to mitigate any harm caused.”

Ladbrokes responded in a statement saying that they had no idea how the data landed up on the street but are treating this incident very seriously and are undertaking a full investigation.

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