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Koolbit Enters Real Money Sports Betting Arena

We all know mobile gambling is the main focus of all gaming companies as there are over 1 billion smartphones in use today in every corner of the globe. Specialized mobile gambling sites are providing anyone the chance to have a flutter in total privacy and at your convenience.  Sports betting is a huge industry and there are no shortage of gaming companies looking to cash in on what many consider a harmless flutter and not a heavy casino like game.

We reported a while ago about Paddy Power who have launched real money sports betting on Facebook.  As we mentioned sports betting can get away with a lot more than games like poker or blackjack as they do not have negative connotations associated with heavy gambling which is still shunned in many countries.

One of the interesting mobile specialized sites is that of Koolbit. They currently offer a host of casino games and have just announced their intention to start offering real money sports betting in the UK this week. Initially will be launched as a mobile site and will be available soon as an iOS app.Like so many other gambling companies we have covered, real money apps are still largely present mainly in the UK as this is seen as the most stable and regulated market and in which it is legally possible to do so.

It was only just over a year that Facebook started this trend with their Bingo Friendzy real money launch. Koolbit intend to launch their web site this week with players able to win up to £10 million from a £2 bet.

The question needs to be asked is what Koolbit bring to the table that other more established UK sports betting operators do not? Koolbit CEO Gerard Cunningham spoke to eGR and explained his thinking behind the launch. He believes the new Bet Baron brand will offer a simpler and smoother experience for those sports betting fans. He further went on to say,” While continuing to grow our Casino market share in female mobile slots players, we want to reach a hardcore, mobile, male audience and to do that the best option is sports betting under the new Bet Baron brand.”

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