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Key To UK Gambling Expansion Is Normalization

When facing a controversial issue like gambling the best way to approach the issue is by normalizing it as much as possible. Whether in the UK or the U.S. anti-gambling voices will always attempt to keep gambling in the shadows away from objective scrutiny.

The UK gambling industry is facing some if its most difficult challenges with the much talked about point of consumption tax and tax hikes on fixed odds betting terminals. All UK bookmakers have realized that the proposed decrees are no longer proposals but are set to become a reality. The need to capture as many consumers as possible to make up the forecasted losses in other areas is what UK bookmakers are focusing on.

One such example is that of the Mirror which has launched their This site is exactly what all punter want which is freebies. Here any punter whether recreational or professional will get to enjoy many free offers from the top UK bookmakers. Anyone utilizing this free cash has an instant gateway into real money gambling. To make things even more interesting and entertaining is the fact that you will get to enjoy tips from the legendary Andy Capp which we all know and love.

The introduction of real money gambling with iconic cartoon characters is just what the doctor ordered for the UK gambling industry. It is all about capturing the target audience before the government measures come into play.

Author: Victor

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