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Italy Online Gaming Revenues Soar 25% To Become Second Largest EU Market

Figures just released from the Online Gaming Observatory shows that Italy has become the second largest online gambling market in Europe. Revenues for 2016 increased by 25% and surpassed the €1 billion. This makes Italy the largest market in Europe after the UK.

Casino games made up €439 million with a 43% market share and sports betting reached €350 million with a 31% share. Poker revenues continue to drop with spending reaching just €133 million which is 10% down from 2015. To put things in perspective poker made up nearly half of online gambling spending in 2012. The remaining €100 million was made up from other online gambling games including bingo, skill games, scratch cards, virtual betting and horseracing.

In terms of demographics the average Italian online gambler is male between the ages of 25-34 years old. Average gambler holds 2.14 online accounts with average spending per active player rising to €111. IN terms of the overall Italian population engaging in online bets, this rose in 2016 by 15% to 1.79m.

Another sector that saw significant growth was the mobile sector which accounted 23% of total revenues in 2016, this is an increase of 19.2 percent from 2015. Most popular mobile vertical was sports betting where 56% of wagers were done via mobile devices.

Currently there are 84 online Italian licenses with another 120 expected to become available. Government raked in €247 million I taxes in 206 which was up more than 20% from 2015.

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