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Italian Gambler Sues Lottery For Not Winning And Wins

A 29 year- old Italian man from Salerno has taken the National lottery to court after complaining he never won a prize. The unlucky gambler spent over €3000 on scratchcards in a year and never won a prize. All of the 255 cards were purchases from the “scratch and win” series according to Italian newspapers.

What makes this story unusual is the fact that the 29 year old actually took his case to court and even more surprisingly won. A justice of the peace in Vallo della Lucania ruled in his favor. According to the judgment the lottery had failed to specify the odds of winning and therefore deemed the tickets as void.

In the eyes of the justice public health laws were contravened as it is required that scratchcards show clearly the probability of winning as well as the risk of gambling addiction. According to Italian law if scratchcards are too small to include a waring the player has to be directed to a site where the details are clear.

Most lottery tickets are now compliant with these requirements yet some older ones are still in circulation. Interestingly enough the attorney who represented the unlucky gambler says that he has represented over 40 cases similar to this one in the last few years and has won every single one of them.

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