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Irish Lottery Falls Victim To DDoS Attack

The risk of DDoS attacks to the gambling world are nothing to be taken lightly. We have previously reported the dangers of online hackers taking down a website at a peak time and using this tactic to blackmail companies into paying hush money.

Another recent case in point was the Irish National Lottery which is just another major online operation to fall victim to cyber thieves. With a €12m prize, unknown hackers succeeded in keeping the website down for over two hours while also taking down the lottery terminals in retail shops. Retail lottery terminals were hit around 11:20 am and were offline for about 90 minutes.

Now as we have covered in the past, the timing of a DDoS attack is usually at peak times for the operator and is often accompanied by a threat to disrupt service if a cash sum is not paid to the hackers. Whether this happened with the Irish Lottery is not known but spokesman for the Irish Lottery operator, PLI said in a statement that the company’s security system had succeeded in “limiting disruption and restoring all operations within two hours and at no point was the National Lottery gaming system or player data affected.” The draw went ahead as planned.

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