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Interpol Crack Down On Illegal Gambling During Euro 2016

Illegal sports betting has been covered by our team in the past. The exact sums that are wagered are not known but there is agreement that billions of dollars are lost annually to underground sports betting.

Major sporting events like the recent Euro Championship are always at high risk of such illegal activity as billions around the globe follow major sporting events. Interpol was active in the Euro Championship and was involved in a crackdown on multiple websites that resulted in over 4000 people been arrested and cash exceeding $13 million to be seized.

According to reports Interpol raided illegal dens in multiple regions including Asia, Europe, China, Singapore, Italy and France. Interpol’s head of anti-corruption and financial unit, Jim Anderson said,” illegal gambling generates massive profits for organized crime networks which are often linked to corruption, human trafficking, and money laundering.”

It is worth  pointing out that we reported last year on a United Nations conference in Doha where it was even reported that the illegal sports betting market could be potentially worth as much as $3 trillion. Asia makes up around 65% of the illegal sports betting market with football taking in the most revenues.

Author: Victor

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