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Indiana Senior Citizens Receive Warning Over “Illegal Gambling Ring”

When it comes to enforcing illegal online gambling, the state of Indiana in the U.S. has taken the prize for being the dumbest this week. A group of senior citizens in Indiana are accustomed to holding euchre card games where massive prizes like cookies and toilet paper are given out to the high rolling senior citizens.

Apparently the Indiana Gaming Commission has contacted the senior center warning them to stop offering prizes. According to the director of the Delaware County Senior Citizens Center in Muncie, Judy Elton, they have stopped giving out prizes after the warning received.

Under fire from just about everyone, the Indiana Gaming Commission were quick to say that they had no intention of closing done the games in the senior center. Executive Director Sarah Tait said, ‘Card games like these are very similar to developing a Final Four bracket or $5 poker night with friends. The Indiana Gaming Commission uses a common sense litmus test and did not, and never had, any plans to take enforcement action against this euchre club.’

Tait said that acting on a hot tip on illegal activities by the senior citizens, they sent out a routine email explaining the various types of different licenses available. The story has even got Gov. Mike Pence involved with him ordering the Indiana Gaming Commission not to shut down any such card games at the Senior Citizens Center. He also went on to tell the Commission to ensure they use common sense when reviewing complaints in the future.

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