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Indiana Puts Out The Welcome Mat For Embattled FanDuel

To say that FanDuel are not exactly welcome in New York at the moment would be an understatement. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is on a mission to get them out of New York and the legal battle continues. Schneiderman is of the opinion that daily fantasy sports is nothing but real money gambling in disguise and is therefore illegal. He believes that that the legal loopholes that have been used by DFS operators are just that and the time has come to close them down in New York.

To make matters worse FanDuel’s current headquarters are located in New York. In light of this two Indiana lawmakers Rep. Alan Morrison and Sen. Jon Ford have made an offer to FanDuel to remove their headquarters from New York to Indiana where they are welcome guests.

Rep. Morrison confirmed to the Indianapolis Star that he is already in talks with FanDuel regarding the possible move and would likely result in hundreds of jobs been create for Indiana residents. FanDuel thanked the lawmakers for their support and for “offering the DFS site a safe haven to provide jobs and stimulate a nascent industry.”

Morrison went on to say that he believes a regulated daily fantasy sports policy in the state is the way forward as it would provide the necessary consumer protections as well as offering players the assurance of a fair game. He went on to say,” We want to ensure that Hoosiers throughout the state who enjoy this popular activity can continue to do so. These sites give Hoosiers the ability to compete in one-day events and not worry about keeping up with a season-long league. It is our goal this session to let the daily fantasy sports world know that it is welcome in Indiana.”

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