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Indian Law Panel Chief Links Gambling Legalization With Socio Economic Concerns

India has the second largest population in the world with over 1.3 billion residents. Needless to say the possibility of legalized gambling in India can have far reaching ramifications for both the government and its residents. The debate as to legalization of gambling and sports betting in particular has been on the cards for many years.

A recent article in the Indian Express Law Commission quoted India Chairman Justice B S Chauhan who said that the social, economic and moral implications of legalization of sports betting need to be examined before any decision is taken.

Speaking at the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) Justice Chauhan emphasized that while individual freedoms were basic rights, the vulnerable sections of the society need protection.

He said,” there was a need for reforms that aim at flexibility while ensuring freedom of choice for the consumers. Hence, there was a need to strike a balance between freedom and choice.”

The dangers of legalizing gambling might affect the very fabric of Indian society as people would be tempted to take chances in the hope of winning a quick buck and might do so via unlawful means.

The usual concerns were raised including the dangers of gambling addiction and social repercussions of gambling such as crime, loan sharks and the worsening of living standards for the middle class.

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