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Increase In Football Gambling Sports Shirt Sponsorships

The UK government is making a lot of fuss about cracking down on gambling companies advertising and offering promotions on prime media channels. While this is good for political points the reality on the ground is some what different as can be seen in the world of football.

Legislation was relaxed after 2005 and has since resulted in a dramatic increase of football sponsorship deals with English clubs. In a study by researchers it was found that 95% of deals with shirt sponsorships with English clubs were done the 2005 legislation was passed. Until 2005 only four shirt sponsorship deals between gambling companies were found.

Their latest research was conducted by the University of Glasgow and Healthy Stadia and comes at a time when the government is receiving many conflicting studies as to the adverse effects of gambling in society.

According to the researchers three is an issue with potential harm due to the close relationship between gambling companies and the football clubs and they have urged the government to look into this.

According to Dr. Chris Bunn of the institute of health and well being at the University of Glasgow, ” When sponsorship crosses borders, as in the case of the Premier League which has as many as three billion viewers globally, it can have costs and consequences for societies less equipped than ours to assist those whose gambling becomes problematic.”

The research shows that the gambling companies wasted no time on capitalizing on the relaxed legislation and have since invested heavily on shirts’ sponsorship.

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