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Gov. Chris Christie Urges President Trump Not to Support Anti Online Gambling Calls

Attempts to reintroduce the Wire Act via the RAWA legislation have been thrown around for the last few years ever since Sen. Lindsey graham and former Rep. Jason Chaffetz introduced the idea. Critics blame Las Vegas Sands CEO for using his influence in the Republican Party as a major political donor to push his own personal agenda which is a fierce anti online gambling stance.

On the other side of the Republican spectrum is the likes of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is one of the staunchest supporters of online gambling both in the Garden State and beyond. He has led the battle to allow New Jersey the option of offering legal sports betting in the state and this is still ongoing in the courts. Christie has largely been responsible for the revival and recovery of Atlantic City where casino play a vital role on the economic recovery.

Last week Christie put his signature on a bill which urges President Donald Trump and his administration to oppose any legislation that would prevent individual states from offering regulated online gambling.

The resolution was introduced in January by Rep. Vincent Mazzeo and is intended to show the President the key role online gambling has played in the revival of Atlantic City. The RAWA Act is aimed at reversing the 2011 US Department of Justice’s opinion which states that the Wire Act only applied to sports betting and did not prohibit other forms of gambling like internet gambling.

Mazzeo’s resolution is expected to carry weight as there is not much political appetite from Republicans to get involved in individual states affairs regarding online gambling, Added to that is the very real revenues that internet gambling have generated for New Jersey which as of June this year are $121.4 million which is up $26.6 million from the same period last year.

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