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Google’s DDoS Project Shield Good News For Online Gambling Sites

Distributed denial of service attacks or DDOS attacks as they are better known are a major threat to all online websites. With billions of dollars changing hands in a virtual world, the idea that a website could be deliberately taken down by hackers is as serious a threat as armed robbers hijacking a multi-billion dollar store. To recap the idea behind a DDoS attack is simple. The way it works is that a targeted site is flooded with millions of unwanted traffic connections which ultimately slows down the site or more often cause it to crash. Needless to say this type of disruption of service can cripple any online website.

We reported on the worrying phenomenon of online gambling sites actually paying protection money to hackers who threaten the operators with a DDOS attacks should they not pay them not to do so. What makes it even more alarming as we pointed out is the fact that many online gaming operators will factor this “protection money” in as a business expense like any other. Many times it seems it is worth the online gambling operator’s time to pay a vast sum of money rather than have their site go down at a critical time.

The problem with DDOS attacks are now getting the attention of Google who have launched their Project Shield. This new DDoS mitigation service is aimed at protecting free expression online by keeping the websites themselves online.

Currently this service is only available by invitation only and what it calls “trusted testers”. The ways it works is that Project Shield will enable websites to serve their content via Google which will offer them increased protection from DDoS attacks. Google are accepting applications from websites that serve news, human rights or elections-related content.

While online gambling sites do not fall under these early requirements, the fact that the world’s most important online company is addressing the growing problem of DDoS attacks means that industries like online gambling are not alone. It is almost a sure bet that more global internet companies will start to offer DDoS protection as a paid option to online operators who are having to contend with a virtual online mafia who have exchanged guns for computers to get their loot.

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