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Global Online Gambling Market 2015

An interesting report was released by in the scope of global online gambling. Key findings included the proliferation of mobile devices which are making up a large portion of online gambling revenues. The overall online gambling market is set to maintain 1 digit growth over the next four years with estimated revenues in the double digit billion Euros mark.

Last year’s acquisition of PokerStars by Amaya Gaming was one of the most significant in the last few years as the online poker giant is extending their reach beyond poker into casino and sports betting offerings. Major online gambling powerhouses like UK bookmaker William Hill recorded increase of revenues of +20%.

When it comes the largest online gambling market, Europe comes in first place as it is the most regulated market in the world. Expansion of online gambling in Europe is expected to continue as countries like the Netherlands are looking for tax revenues and are planning to adopt online gambling regulations. Sports betting is strong particularly in Spain and France who lead the pack.

The status of online gambling in Russia is illegal but debate over whether poker is a skill based game is still along with a self –regulatory organization means hope for limited online gambling opportunities.

Asia-Pacific region is shown mixed approaches as well to regulated online gambling. Places like China, South Korea and Singapore forbid online gambling. Australia is more user friendly to foreign companies looking to set up shop.

The USA is still limited to three states only namely New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. Others are expected to follow but not at the pace earlier believed. In Latin America the status quo is also in the air with countries like Mexico and Brazil still waiting for online gambling regulation to be approved. South Africa has had a well-documented battle on the issue of legalizing online gambling with the latest official voices still opposing legalising any online gambling.

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