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Germany Concerned Over Migrant Gambling Addiction Problems

The ongoing refugee crisis in Europe and especially Germany is causing unexpected problems for authorities who are now having to deal with the issue of online gambling addiction on the part of desperate immigrants.

Germany had taken in over 1 million refugees mainly from Syrian and Afghanistan and which many of them are desperate to change their economic situation via drastic means. Three German states are now behind a video that highlights the dangers of online gambling by immigrants. The dangers highlighted include high street casinos as well as in turf accountants.

There are reports of immigrants spending their entire subsistence money on a single bet in the hope of improving their plight. The states of Thuringia, Lower Saxony and Hesse will broadcast the warning video on Arabic, Turkish and German. The video will highlight the dangers of reckless betting in the hope of winning big to improve their lives. Further fueling the problem of gambling addiction within the migrant community in Germany is the availability of betting offices who serve complimentary food to their customers. Adding to the difficulty of tackling the problem is that many migrants do not report the problem as there is a stigma attached to gambling debts.

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