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Gary Loveman Believes DFS Will Help Online Poker Legalization In U.S.

The legal loophole that daily fantasy sports is using to offer real money gambling has got many asking the question if this will spread to other online games like poker. The question as to whether online poker is a skill or game of luck is pretty much open to debate but those who believe it is skill are looking at DFS to open the doors for a nationwide legalization of online poker.

This opinion was voiced recently by Caesars Entertainment Chairman Gary Loveman who was interviewed on KNPR, a Las Vegas National Public Radio station. Loveman discussed his disappointment at the lack of expansion beyond the three current states that are offering legal online poker. Loveman said he was disappointed at the speed at which legislation was being stalled to legalize online poker. The result is a player base which is not wide enough to ensure a successful online poker market in the U.S. He was quoted as saying, “I think it stalled in part because we don’t have a sufficient population of people from other states playing to make the offering as compelling as it needs to be. This is one of the great frustrations of the years I’ve been in this industry is that something that is so intellectually straightforward has been so difficult to execute. The idea that Americans cannot legally play poker online…strikes me as almost crazy.”

The ray of light according to Loveman is however coming from the DFS market where major sporting bodies like the NBA, headed by Adam Silver have in reality changed their stance on daily fantasy sports by their direct partnerships with players like DraftKings and FanDuel.

Loveman went on to say that,” once the NFL moves to the point where they in fact favor this, I think you will see a federal action that legalizes sports betting, somehow defined at the federal level and virtually every state will participate. Once that Rubicon has been crossed, I think poker will very naturally fall in because it has an awful lot of similarities to fantasy sports.”

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