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Gamblit Gaming Follows Betable’s Succesful Winning Formula

The saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” is exactly what comes to mind when it comes to Betable. For those not involved in the gaming world Betable was founded in 2008 and in a nutshell has revolutionized the social gaming world. They are a one-stop company that provides all the licensing support and infrastructure that developers require to legally integrate real money gaming into their social and mobile games.

As we have reported extensively in the past this has leveled the playing filed for any gaming developer as until now the  high cost and legal obstacles were too much to handle for gaming developers whose expertise do not include red tape. We have long backed Betable as a startup to watch as their magic formula seems to be a winning proposition for all sides.

It seems that their success has led to other companies like CashBet and now Gamblit to follow. Gamblit was founded in 2010 and already has over 49 employees. The chief executive of Gamblit is Eric Meyerhofer and with him at the helm they have managed to raise $20 million to date. Gamblit not only provide their own game studio but also their unique platform.

Gamblit like Betable is targeting the UK which seems to be the most regulated real money market, Today they announced they have raised $12 million in funding which will be used to develop their real money gambling platform.

Gamblit chief marketing officer David Chang is well aware that they will have to do something different from that of Betable if they want to compete in this space. He explained Gamblit’s thinking,” We are excited about the enthusiasm for this space. We want to be a bridge to all of the developers that want to enter this space in territories around the world. The gambling industry is due for a shake-up. The gambling games you see out there now are really the same things you see in the casinos.”

Chang went on further to emphasize that what they want to create is more original games which are not the standard casino games we see in the market. Chang wants to appeal to the lucrative gaming generation,” We think that will be attractive to a whole new segment in the market. We want to make games that appeal to the gamer generation.”

Gamblit plans to launch titles later on this year but they will have their work cut out for them as they are still following Betable who have established themselves as leaders in the field of social gaming monetization.

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