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Gambling Sites Accesed 700,000 Times By UK Parliamentary Computers

Whether it be in the U.S. or the UK politicians are always looking to portray themselves in a positive light despite the fact that a lot of people treat them with a degree of mistrust. While the Government is in shutdown mode in the U.S. a new report from the UK sheds some interesting light on what out hard working politicians are doing in the UK.

In figures released from the Freedom of Information Act it showed that betting sites were a firm favorite with politicians as betting sites were accessed seven hundred thousand times by MP’s via their parliamentary computers in a year.

In fact was particularly popular as it received over 16,000 clicks from parliamentarians in a single month. These alarming figures of just how much time is squandered by our representatives has got many up in arms with voices like Robert Oxley of the TaxPayers’ Alliance calling on the parliamentarians to concentrate on working and not betting sites. He also pointed out what many feel in that it is an unacceptable situation whereby taxpayers are funding these staff who should be working to on behalf of their constituencies.

These infuriating figures only add salt to the wounds as a recent report in the Mail showed that a website aimed at assisting married people to conduct affairs was accessed nearly three hundred times a day by our diligent Westminster Staff. The site Out of Town Affairs has since been blocked but was clicked on over 50,000 times in a seven month period. In an attempt to defend these scurrilous accusations a spokeswoman from the House of Commons explained that these figures were inaccurate as many of betting sites were picked up as spam and not actually clicked on by members.

Let’s hope that whichever part of the globe we live in our elected officials will stick to the job they are paid and elected to do and keep the gambling for off duty enjoyment.

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