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Gambling Research To Be Used To Improve Education

The psychological profile of a gambler is the equivalent to the Holy Grail for casinos. Learning what goes on in the brain of a gambler could make the difference for gaming companies wanting to attract potential customers.

Researchers believe that one of the main reasons people are attracted to gambling is the fact that there is an element of chance where the outcome is unknown. The notion of an uncertain reward apparently stimulates the brain.

This very logic is now being tested on students in the classroom. Research is underway by Dr Paul Howard-Jones who is a reader in neuroscience and education at the University of Bristol. Currently the research is being done with the recruiting of 81 schools and with 12,150 students taking part. The study is set to continue to 2017. The idea being tested is based on the notion of gambling. Is it possible that students could gain a boost in their performance if they are not certain of the outcome?

Dr Jones is keen to test this theory and see of it can be adopted into the broader educational system. Commenting on the research, Jones said,” It is thought we evolved that way because it encourages us towards tasks that are more uncertain. If we are totally confident of what is going to happen we are less interested, but if the odds are 50-50 then we tend to be more interested in taking part. It is something that has been exploited by casinos for years.”

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