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Gamblers Anonymous Considers Adding Fantasy Sports To List Of Combo Book

The debate over whether daily fantasy sports is the same as real money gambling or not has yet to be decided. As it stands most U.S. states allows DFS operators to work as they do not fall under the restrictions of real money gambling as they are based on skill and not luck.

Critics are quick to point out that when the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel reward players with millions in real cash, the argument over whether DFS is gambling is void.

A report this week coming out of a NBC affiliate in Washington will potentially further fuel the debate. According to the report Gamblers Anonymous is in the process of considering fantasy sports to its Combo Book recovery guide which is a list of activities that compulsive gamblers must avoid.

Gamblers Anonymous members are encouraged to carry the Combo Book on themselves at all times and some of the activities listed there include trading stocks, bingo, raffles, office sports pools. To add fantasy sports to the Combo Book requires two separate votes of the GA ‘s international trustees. It will have to be seen if this proposal is taken seriously but once again the mere mention of fantasy sports alongside real money gambling will do no favors for operators who continue to insist that it has nothing to do with gambling.

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