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Gallup Poll Shows Gambling Morally Acceptable To Most US Citizens

Polls are always highly controversial when it comes to the gambling issue as many are of the opinion that the polls can be manipulated to supports or oppose any issue an interested party wants to advance.

For what it’s worth a new Gallup poll shows that gambling is not taboo as what some opponent’s would like us to believe. The poll was based on telephone interviews between May 4- 8 with a random sample of over 1000 adults aged 18 and older living in the US.

Gallup has rated the moral acceptability of certain issues for the last 15 years. This year saw 11 out of the 19 issues includes as morally acceptable by the majority of people which is a significant increase since 2001. Gambling is one of those morally acceptable pastimes with 67% of Americans finding it morally acceptable and only 27% view gambling as morally wrong.

Gambling was actually the fourth highest morally acceptable subjects after birth control, divorce and sex out of wedlock which is interesting. On the other end of the scale the least morally acceptable issues were suicide (18%), polygamy (14%), Cloning humans(13%) and married men and woman having an affair (10%).

Politics also plays a role in “moral acceptability” apparently with Democrats more likely than Republicans to deem sex between unmarried men and woman as acceptable as well as on the issue of abortion and children out of wedlock.

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