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Full Tilt Announce Major Changes After Heavy Declines In Players

PokerStars sister site Full Tilt has not had a good year. They have suffered a massive 44 percent drop in players since the start of 2015. The average number of seats filled in cash games dropped from 1,800 to 1,000.

Top management at Full Tilt are naturally been forced to come up with a solution to stop the bleeding. MD Dominic Mansour has come up with a plan to reverse the trend, He is looking to increase the level of recreational players, improve loyalty programs and level the professionals vs. the fish field.

Mansour also said that heads-up cash fames will be removed. He explained the logic,” Heads Up games were being adversely impacted by the minority of experienced players who targeted ‘weaker’ opponents rather than take on all challengers, and secondly, new players who tried out the Heads Up games found it intimidating and confusing (asking themselves “why are all these guys not playing each other?”). In short, Heads Up ring games just didn’t form part of a healthy poker ecosystem, which made our decision to remove them easier.”

In addition Stud, Draw and Mixed Games were also being remove in an attempt to level the playing field for recreational players. Mansour said,” We also recognize that in the past, a proportion of players have used extensive table selection to their advantage and that those players might not like these changes. Their advantage over other players will now be negated and we don’t think that’s a bad thing. Good things happen to those who play and we believe the changes we’re making will see even more good things happening to more players at Full Tilt.” Pro player Marc Kennedy has also been appointed as its ambassador whose task it is to liaise with players and Full Tilt Senior management.

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