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Former Sports Minister Richard Caborn Warns Of Gambling In Sports

The now global incident of the 46 year-old Sutton reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw eating a pie during their Cup tie with Arsenal has taken a not so humorous turn. While many outsiders to the gambling industry and sports betting industry in particular do not know what the fuss is all about, the incident raises the real issue of maintaining the integrity of professional sports.

Match fixing in professional sports is nothing new and we have reported on many incidents that have involved top sporting players and events. The sums wagered on sport sin particular are more than enough to tempt many players into influencing a result on a specific game.

Former sports minister Richard Caborn is one voice who commented on the now infamous pie eating stun of Wayne Shaw.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, Caborn stated that gambling within sport is a serious problem. People are jesting about it, particularly the incident the other night, but there’s a very serious question underlying this, and the responsibility of the gambling industry itself. It’s not just football – we’ve seen what’s happened in cricket, in snooker. This is an area of some concern about the integrity of sport. If we are going to see the central point, as an ex-sports minister, I would be saying, the integrity of sport is absolute – it should not be compromised.”

Shaw himself has since been sacked following pressure from the Gambling Commission and Football Association. Bookmaker Sun Bets could be in breach of their licence requirements by offering such a bet to begin with.

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