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Florida Mans Strikes It Lucky By Winning Lottery Twice

The odds of winning the lottery are astronomical to say the least but the chances of winning a multi-million jackpot twice are nothing short of divine intervention. A 67 year old Florida man James Bozeman Jr. has just won a $3 million Florida jackpot from of August 31 2013.

The same lucky winner Bozeman won another life changing jackpot last year when he picked up a $10 million lotto prize. Even stranger is the fact that he purchased both winning tickets from the same 7-Eleven store in Edgewood.

According to the luckiest man on the planet he started using new numbers after his other jackpot win and intends on choosing a third set of new numbers for future lotto ticket purchases. Bozeman chose the option of receiving $100,000 for the next 30 years.

One has got to ask if the Florida lotto officials are raising any eyebrows into the double winner as you could not have written a better Hollywood script for such a rare scenario.

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