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Fixed-Odds Betting Terminal Review Delayed Until October

The heated debate over the fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) has been in the headlines for years now. These highly controversial machines dubbed the “crack cocaine” of gambling have become a national political issue that shows no sign of being resolved. After much talk about reviews of the FOBTs the UK government in the latest statement has said that any planned review will be delayed until October.

The main controversy of the FOBTs is currently the betting amount that can be played which currently stand at a £100 limit. Opponents to FOBTs want this reduced to a maximum of £2. Needless to say these machines are major cash cows for betting firms as well as the Government who enjoy sizable tax revenues from them.

The latest body to examine this issue is the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) who will carry out an in depth review according to the Guardian Newspaper. Reports are that there is a rift between them and the Treasury Department over the regulations which has resulted in the planned review being postponed till October.

Politicians are under increasing pressure to once and for all address this thorny issue at FOBTs have resulted in UK punters losing £11 billion since their launch in 2008.

Responding to the latest delay, the Association of British Bookmakers said,” Any decisions affecting an industry that serves six million customers and employs over 52,000 people, more than the rest of the gambling industry combined, should be taken on the basis of the facts and evidence. We remain committed to working with the government and regulators on our responsible gambling agenda.”

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