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Father And Son Try To Scam Winner Out Of $1 Million Lottery Ticket

Imagine winning a million dollar lottery prize only to be scammed out of it by a couple of unscrupulous characters. For a 34 year old man this is exactly what happened. According to police in Nassau County the 34 year old purchased a lottery scratchard on Thursday, scratched it off to discover he was a winner.

New York’s Long Island Police have confirmed that a deli owner and his son are under arrest for attempting to cheat the man out of his $1 million winning lottery ticket. The 34 year old man did not speak English when he purchased the $10 “Unwrap the Cash” scratchie from the New York State Lottery.

The lucky winner handed over his winning ticket to 26 year old Karim Jaghab in order to collect his winnings whereupon he was given $1000 and Jaghab kept the ticket. The winner doubted the honesty of Karim Jaghab and returned on Friday where the father and son duo tried to pacify him with $10,000 on condition that he did not involve the police. The lotto winner did not believe the Jaghabs’ claims and promptly called the police.

The greedy father and son’s plot to cheat the winner out of a life changing win is set to cost them big, The Jaghabs’ were arraigned on Saturday on grand larceny charges which carry a heavy penalty. Their defense is that there was a simple mistake on the payout from the lottery machine. The Jaghabs’ will have to come up with something more original should they wish to remain out of jail and are set to pay heavily for their greed and dishonesty.

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