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FanDuel Receives UK Gaming Licence

Just like rivals DraftKings, DFS operator FanDuel is seeking greener pastures outside of the US in order to expand operations and avoid the legal complications they are having in the US as the legality of DFS is still not a given in all states.

According to reports FanDuel has received the green light to operate by the Gambling Commission who on their website showed FanDuel’s license status from “in progress” to “active.” FanDuel can now “provide facilities for poll betting by remote communication.”

While not formally confirming the news, FanDuel have announced their partnership with sports data firm Opta ahead of the start of the English Premier League season. In terms of the partnership Opta will be responsive for providing live performance statistics to FanDuel’s UK Platform. FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles is relying heavily on welcome relief for the UK market as they continue to struggle with legal issues in the US and need to find new markets to test the waters for DFS.

To start off  FanDuel’s UK product will offer only fantasy football but expansion to other sports seems likely. Their rivals DraftKings offer a variety of sports in the UK and use dollars not pounds which FanDuel plan in their UK operations.

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