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FanDuel Offers Refuge To Former Zynga Employees

Zynga’s attempt to restructure their company in the last few years has resulted in a serious shakeup in their workface. Their attempts to join the fantasy sports niche with their Zynga Sports 365 product is just one of the many projects that have been shutdown by their new/old CEO Mark Pincus.

In an interesting move fantasy sports giant FanDuel have hired no less than 38 former employees of the Zynga Sports 365 development team and will be creating a dedicated new department which will be headed by former VP in Zynga. Mike Taramykin. A spokeswoman for FanDuel Justine Sacco, commented on the move,” There is a ton of sports tech talent down there just because of the presence of EA Sports and Zynga. FanDuel is scaling incredibly fast. We’re going to be more than doubling our headcount this year.

This gave us an awesome opportunity to scoop up an incredible talent pool that complements our existing product. They’ll really give us the ability to deliver new features at a good pace as we continue to grow.”

As we have reported extensively in the last year, FanDuel are in a race with their arch rivals DraftKings to cement themselves as the number one brand in daily fantasy sports betting. Sacco made it clear that FanDuel are set to grow and by the end of the year will double their workforce from the current 80 to 160 employees.

Zynga Sports 365 was launched with must fanfare last year but became the victim of another set of layoffs this month. On their side Zynga officials were not too keen to comment on FanDuel enjoying the benefits of their former sports department but re-iterated what current CEO Pincus said at the Q1 earnings call. Pincus said,” Tighter, more nimble teams can drive faster innovation and deliver more valuable experiences for players. … I’ve been encouraged in my first few weeks by the level of talent and commitment throughout our company. But, I’ve also heard teams express frustration. They want to move faster and take more shots on goal.”

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