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FanDuel Follows Rivals DraftKings With Plans To Possibly Enter Sports Betting Market

Daily Fantasy Sports Operator FanDuel have definitely lost a lot of their luster in the last few years. Rival operator DraftKings has without a doubt gained momentum over them and is unquestionably the leading DFS operator in the market. It seems that FanDuel are always a step behind their rivals DraftKings especially after the failed merger between these two giants.

In yet another reactive move, FanDuel CEO Matt King has said that like their competition DraftKings they will could expand into sports betting in the U.S. if the Supreme Court lifts the Federal Ban.

As we have reported in the last few months, all eyes are on the Supreme Court as a decision is expected any day now regarding the legalization of sports betting. Many believe that the ban will be lifted and have openly announced their preparations ahead of a favorable decision. DraftKings are just one major player who announced a while ago that they are working on a platform that will be ready to launch if and when sports betting ids given the green light.

Commenting on their plans to consider move into sports betting Matt said, ”It would mean we would get into sports betting. This business is around fan engagement and helping fans feel closer to the things they like, and clearly sports betting is one way to help people to do that. So it would be very logical for us to get into it. We have some ideas of how to make that experience better and ones that we feel will resonate with our users. We think we’re uniquely positioned to fulfil that market demand.”

Matt was careful to hedge his bets should the decision in the Supreme Court not go the way of legalization and insisted that FanDuel have a robust roadmap without it as well. He went on to say that from a product perspective 95% would be relevant regardless of the decision ion the Supreme Court.

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