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FA To Probe John Terry’s Substitution As Bookies Lose Money

Match fixing in professional sports had been covered extensively by our team over the years. The advances in technology have on the one side make it easier to influence the outcome of a game but have also resulted in sporting bodies being able to track any irregular betting patterns.

The latest case in hand involves Chelsea’s John Terry who was substituted in the match against Sunderland in the 26th minute only to be called off two minutes later.

The Football Association announced that they are willing to take action if it can be proven that anyone related to Sunderland or Chelsea cashed in on insider knowledge. According to bookmakers £3500 was made on the substitution after three punters made bets at 100-1 on Terry been substituted in the first half.

The FA will utilize the sports intelligence unit of the Gambling Commission to investigate suspicious betting patterns. They will be able to access data of bookmakers who under their license requirements have to provide such information.

This case follows the comical incident with Sutton United goalkeeper Wayne Sutton which we reported on. There the portly goalkeeper was seen eating a pie live on television during a FA Cup after bookmakers had offered odds for the very same thing happening.

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