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eSports Popularity in US Increases 14 Percent in 2016

The rise of eSports around the globe has got the attention of major gambling hubs like Las Vegas. The competition to capture the millennial audience and monetize them is one of the key focuses of the casino industry as a whole. Our team have covered the rise of skill based games being delivered within casinos. Companies like GameCo and Gamblit Gaming are such examples of an ageing casino industry looking to their future millennial customers who are essential for the sustainability of their market share.

The recent 2016 Nielson eSports report gives some fascinating insights into the growing interaction between the now 14% of Americans aged 13 and over who are considered avid fans of eSports.

Director of Nielsen Games, Nicole Pike commented on the report,” eSports is no longer a niche activity—it’s one of the fastest growing segments of the entire sports industry.”

The growth rate of eSports has grown by 14 percent in the last year from Americans aged 13 and over which is an increase from the 8% growth last year.

Millennials make up 61% of all eSports fans of whom 77% are male. In terms of engagement eSports fans spend roughly four hours per week on eSports related activities and entertainment.

eSports fans are an attractive audience for non eSports events as well as they are twice as likely to stream traditional sporting events online in comparison to non eSports fans. Another finding was that eSports fans are three times more likely than the average American to be fans of combat sports like the UFC, racing and US/ European soccer which are among the most popular genres of sports video games.

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