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EA Mobile Chief Blasts Zynga’s Mobile Performance

The pace at which the tide can turn for gaming developers is astounding. Whether it be social games or real money games the mobile sector is critical for any gaming company looking to capture the widest audience possible. To prove this one does not have to look further than Zynga who we always use as a prime example of how a single decision can bring down even the biggest gaming powerhouse. The last year in particular has been tumultuous for the San Francisco based company with everything from the CEO being replaced to mass job losses. While we have covered these extensively an article in the New York Times recently with Electronic Arts Mobile head Frank Gibeau solidifies what many have said was the downfall of Zynga.

Former CEO Mark Pincus himself has admitted on many occasions that their dependency on Facebook was a major mistake. He went further to state that could he do it all again he would build Zynga games around mobile devices. Gibeau held no punches while speaking to the New York Times by saying,” Zynga blew it. They’re not a mobile business. We’re six or seven times their size in mobile. Zynga fell into a hole because they were completely focused on one platform, which is Facebook.”

EA themselves have directed their main focus to mobile sector as according to Gibeau “every smartphone, every tablet, is a gaming-enabled device.This simple dose of reality is what former Zynga need a few years ago and many are questioning if their mistake of ignoring the mobile sector will be able to be rectified or perhaps will be the mistake of a lifetime from which there is no recovery.

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