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Dutch Parties Agree On Regulated Online Sports Betting Bill

The Dutch government is seemingly opening the doors to online sports gambling but with certain restrictions. Currently Dutch players are only permitted to bet on sporting events via the state-owned De Lott. However as part of the Remote Gambling Bill that was introduced last year and that is expected to become law sometime in 2017,it looks like a regulated online sports gambling market could become a reality.

The good news is that the coalition parties that make up the Dutch cabinet have both voiced their support for a regulated online sports market. According to the NLTIMES the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and Labour Party (PvdA) are attaching conditions for their support which include betting on sporting events where certain events are easy to manipulate. These include red cards in football and double faults in tennis.

Another sector which will not be included in the online sport betting bill is the amateur and friendly matches which due to the lack of pay to the players make them a soft target for bribery and match fixing. The Dutch football association KNVB supported the restrictions planned and said the “important thing is that not criminals, but players on the field, determine how the match plays out.”

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