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DraftKings Under Fire Again For Suspect Contest Win

Another mini scandal is plaguing DFS giant DraftKings as a recent winner of the shared $1 million first prize in their Millionaire contest last weekend is under scrutiny for colluding with other users and violating the company guidelines.

DraftKings’ Fantasy Football Millionaire contest is their most prestigious competition and and elicits a lot of interest. The latest scandal centers around one winner of Sunday’s contest being able to circumvent the site’s entry limits and level of cooperation they had with other players. Participants in the Millionaire contest pick lineups for the national Football League players and the team that accumulated the most points based on real world results wins the prizes.

The winners of Sunday’s contest drew a lot attention on social media as one of the winners known as “papagates” is the brother of another player who won in a previous Millionaire contest. Allegations quickly surfaced of collusion between the brothers.

Head of compliance for DraftKings , Jennifer Aguiar was quick to react and said,” We are in the process of an ongoing investigation. She was quick to state that no wrongdoing was determined as of yet but ,” If you are sharing lineups for the purpose of—for the lack of a better word—gaming the system, that is unacceptable.” The two brothers deny any collusion and said they were “stunned and obviously very upset” that others believed they had violated the rules.

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