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DraftKings Under Fire After Contractor Wins $1M

The insider trader scandal involving DraftKings employer Ethan Haskell last year set in motion a course of events that are still affecting the DFS sector. Both DraftKings and FanDuel have only recently got some relief from the relentless legal and negative publicity onslaught that changed the way DFS operates.

Haskell “accidentally” leaked lineup information on from DraftKings flagship contest. He then went on to win $350k by playing on rival FanDuel’s contest in the same week. This week saw a similar incident as a regular DFS contributor to ESPN and “sponsored professional Daily Fantasy Sports player at DraftKings” won $1 million in the NFL $5M Fantasy Football Millionaire.

Al Zeidenfeld who walked away with the top prize is raising concerns again by industry observers as it looks a lot like another DraftKings employee has perhaps been exposed to inside information that enabled the huge win.

Zeidenfeld was quick to respond by stating that he has never been employed by DraftKings and had no inside info. A rep for DraftKings was quoted as saying,” Al Zeidenfeld is an expert DFS player who is an independent contractor and brand ambassador, he shares his tips and expertise with the DFS player community. He is not a DraftKings employee, and does not have access to contest data or any other non-public company information.”

While both DFS giants banned employees from playing on each other’s site, there is still a gray area with people like Zeidenfeld who are not full time employees but are obviously intimately involved in the sector.

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