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DraftKings Signs Multi-Year Deal With NHL

One of the most hotly contested sectors in the gaming world today is that of fantasy sports betting. The two main players in this field are DraftKings and their rivals FanDuel. We have covered the progress and strategic acquisitions of both these powerhouses as combined they are set to give out over $500 million in real money prizes this year.

Fantasy sports betting is nothing new but what makes DraftKings and FanDuel different from their competitors is that they offer daily competitions for serious cash prizes. This added option of joining any fantasy league for as little as a day has got the attention of all the major sporting bodies. It is clear to everyone that millions of sports fans see fantasy sports betting as a major improvement to their overall entertainment experience. When fans have real money at stake when watching their favorite team it takes the game to another level.

DraftKings have made another major strategic deal in signing a multi-year partnership agreement with NHL ice hockey league in North America, which will see them become the Official Daily Fantasy game of the NHL. While the deal is currently for only two years insiders at the NHL say it will be extended indefinitely.

In terms of the deal DraftKings will be permitted to use all NHL- owned intellectual property as well as their assets on an exclusive basis. They will also be the presenting sponsor for the daily video previews for each regular season match-up on

Vice President or Business Development at DraftKings Jeremy Elbaum commented on the new deal,” The leagues have great fan bases and users that are obviously great for fantasy and for us to tap into. In general, the leagues make sense for us to align ourselves with, because they have the ability to speak to their fans and get them to play daily fantasy. The uniqueness is the money-cant-buy experiences that users can win.”

Executive Vice president of global partnerships at the NHL, Keith Wachtel expressed his delight at the new partnership with DraftKngs,” Recognising the direct correlation between fantasy sports and fan engagement, we look forward to providing our fans with a new opportunity to extend and enhance their NHL experience each and every day of the season.”

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