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DraftKings Continues TV Ad Spending Spree

As we reported a few days ago, daily fantasy sport giant DraftKings is going all out to utilize the money received in recent funding to go ahead with a tv media blitz ahead of the NFL season kickoff. In fact they have now spent over $15 million in the last seven days and which according to Kantar Media is more than they spent in the entire 2014. Currently the daily fantasy market is controlled mostly by DraftKings and FanDuel who reportedly control about 90% of the market.

Both companies have entered into sponsorship deals with all the major sports franchises, major sports leagues and sporting arenas in an effort to block any attempt by new competitors like Yahoo and Amaya from competing on their level for market share.

Both DraftKings and FanDuel are playing it cool and publicly believe that they are unfazed by the aggressive marketing and acquisition moves of each company. While FanDuel is reportedly the largest player in the DFS sector anyone following the rapid expansion of DraftKings into areas like the UFC , NASCAR and now overseas markets will have to concede they have significantly closed the gap.

In a recent interview in ocregister, DraftKings CEO Jason Robbins was not shy to point this out to their rivals FanDuel. He said,” Naturally, someone is going to be the best. I do think it’s tough sitting in FanDuel’s seat, when you got there first, and you watch DraftKings taking away market share, taking away market share, then just pass you.”

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