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DraftKings Clears $1m Competition Winner

The DFS player recently accused of improper collusion on a DraftKings completion has been cleared. Martin Crowley of Chicago became the latest person of interest to be embroiled in a DraftKings controversy at a time when the DFS powerhouse seemed to be recovering from their other publicity disasters.

As we reported Crowley was accused of colluding with his brother in which he shared a $1m prize. He was banned from the DraftKings site for almost a week as an investigation was undertaken to determine if any regulations were violated regarding sharing information. Crowley confirmed that a DraftKings representative called him a few weeks ago and gave him the all clear to play again on the site after no evidence of foul play was found.

Crowley now limits his communication with his brother in North Carolina to avoid any future potential problems and accusations of collusion. He did point out that in an industry where talking to fellow payers is a key element, there needs to be clarification on the issue in order to avoid any lines been crossed unknowingly. Currently DraftKings limit the number of entries per player to 150 for their Fantasy Football Millionaire contest which Crowley won.

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