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Despite Protests UK National Lottery Price Set To Double

Despite a public uproar the UK Lottery price is set to double from £1 to £2 as from Saturday October 5. This highly controversial move was anything but a given as opponents pointed out that this is the ultimate sin tax on people who can least afford it. It is no secret that worldwide the majority of lotto players are in no position to spend any more cash than the minimum necessary. UK Lottery Operator Camelot have been on a public relations blitz which is aimed at calming the masses.

They have thrown out the argument that the average Saturday jackpot will rise up from £4.1 million to £5 million. Camelot Managing Director Andy Duncan stated,” New Lotto will give players more ways to win more money and we have two fantastic events planned to celebrate the launch. Not only will we have a massive £10million jackpot two Saturdays in a row but we will also be creating 1,000 guaranteed winners of £20,000, twice. It’s not to be missed.”

Other changes include an increase for those matching three numbers which will go up from £10 to £25. Anyone matching four numbers will also get an increase from £60 to £100. On the down side anyone matching five numbers will take a hit as they will only get £1000 which is a decrease of £500. Those guessing five numbers and the Bonus will also get only £50,000 which is half of the current rate.

Another change will be that all lotto tickets will contain a raffle number which will give players the chance to win £20,000 with no less than 50 guaranteed payouts a week. This is set to start two weeks after the new launch in October.

Camelot argues that these changes are overall aimed at providing more cash to more players. However this dramatic price hike is still set to be a hot topic amongst millions who up to now did not think twice before laying out a single pound.

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