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Despite Pending Government Crackdown Zeal’s MyLotto24 Set To Launch In Australia

The ongoing mudslinging match between Lottoland and the newsagents is supposed to be purely based on the law. It does however seem that Lottoland with their rapid expansion has made it personal with their rivals like Tatts and the ALNA.

This seems to be confirmed as in a surprise move Zeal Network’s MyLotto24 announced they will be launching their lottery service in partnership with one of the Northern Territory newsagent representative bodies. This move is certainly surprising given that the Australian government had made their intention clear in that they plan on introducing legislation that would ban all betting on lottery companies.

The deal is in conjunction with Victorian Newsagents Association (VANA) which will see newsagents offer Zeal’s products via VANA’s Nparcel payment system.

In terms of the business model newsagents will get a 12% omission based on initial deposits in store. In addition they will receive 3% from any deposits made by customers online after they have signed up via one of the stores.

Commenting on the deal, VANA’s general manager Chris Samartzis said,” At a time where newsagents’ incomes are under pressure, this innovative opportunity gives them a brand-new way to generate additional revenue. It expands the range of products available, giving customers more choice and yet another reason to visit our stores. This new service is good news for customers, for the mums and dads who own and manage newsagencies across the country, and for the thousands of people they employ.”

MyLotto24 Australian country manager Mikael Sundelin gave his side of the partnership and said, “As hundreds of thousands of customers will tell you, betting on international lotteries is a complementary add-on to traditional Australian lotteries. This pioneering partnership, a convergence of online and in-store, enables newsagents to benefit from lotto betting in a way that’s been previously closed to them.”

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