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D.C. Lottery Unable To Payout Winners Until Federal Shutdown Ends

The federal shutdown in the U.S. is having serious ramifications for not only the American economy but could even lead to a global crisis according to experts. In good times and bad times the lottery is seen as the man in the street’s chance to overcome poverty and change one’s fortunes in an instant. Well imagine you are a lotto player in Washington D.C. and you have won a lottery prize.

One would think all is good but think again as until the federal shutdown crisis ends the lottery has announced it will be unable to cash winning tickets. Of course the lottery will be taking player’s cash but will only be honored when the dust settles in the shutdown.

The reason for this bizarre state of affair is that the District of Columbia is barred from spending local tax dollars without the approval of Congress. While funded by revenues from the public, the law states that the lottery cannot payout players without congressional authorization.

This sorry state of affairs has got lottery official extremely concerned as furious players will think twice before purchasing any lotto tickets until the politicians sort out the mess they have created. For the meantime the D.C. lottery will have to rethink their slogan of “Lots of people win”.

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