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Danish Government Considering Selling Danske Spil

State owned online gambling revenues are always an attractive source of revenue for cash strapped governments and it is always a surprise when a government is willing to give these up. According to reports this is what the Danish government is doing as they are considering the selling of the state owned Danske Spil betting operation. The Danish Government is reportedly weighing up the pros and cons of selling Danske Spil’s online gaming operations which includes their poker, casino and online betting operations. The lottery side of the operations however will remain under state control.

Needless to say this move is very controversial as the once off payoff is a drop in the ocean when considering future revenues that will be lost. This thinking is backed by the opposition who are pointing out the short sightedness of the government who thy claim are only looking to the short term gain and have given no thought to long term planning. It is estimated that the sale of Danske Spil’s betting business could generate over $600m.

According to deputy chairman of the Conservative parliamentary group, Brian Mikkelson the sale of Danske Spil could be completed within a year. In an interview with the Borsen he went on to say that the sale would be as easy as snapping one’s fingers.

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