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Critics Accuse Sheldon Adelson Of Hypocrisy Over New Anti Online Gambling Campaign

The latest anti-online gambling tirade by casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has got many feathers ruffled. To recap Adelson is on a new mission to get Congress to ban online gambling with the help of his planned advocacy group called the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling. As we all know Adelson contributed nearly $100 million to Mitt Romney’s election campaign which is the most in U.S. history. The fact that despite all his efforts and millions spent, he still did not succeed in getting his way is what his opponents seek to replicate with his latest anti online gambling camping.

For both outsiders and those in the casino industry, Adelson’s opposition to internet gambling seems utterly hypocritical. While he claims to be concerned about underage gambling and the potential for social decay he has no qualms about raking in millions in his global casino empire which stretches from Las Vegas to Macau. Opponents to the controversial casino mogul are quick to point out that Adelson is only worried about his bottom line. If online gambling in the U.S. is legalized on a national basis it is safe to assume that less punters will patronize land and mortar casinos like that of the Las Vegas Sands. Many online consumers would gladly embrace the chance to sit at home and place a bet on a virtual casino where there is no need to leave your home.

President and CEO of the American Gaming Association, Geoff Freeman released a statement following Adelson’s latest announcement which sums up the internet gambling debate quite well,” Time and again, government efforts to prohibit use of everyday products have failed. In 2012, Americans spent nearly $3 billion gambling with rogue offshore operators.  The Internet cannot be forced back into the bottle – nor can market demand. We support pragmatism and strong regulation of online gaming that protects consumers, prevents underage play, ensures the integrity of the games and empowers law enforcement. New government efforts to prohibit online gaming will unintentionally strengthen black market providers, create more risk for American consumers, including children, and drive U.S. jobs and potential revenues overseas.  We appreciate divergent viewpoints and welcome a healthy discussion on this complex issue.”

Adeslon will have to invest more than just money to prove that his concerns over legalized online gambling are not more than just an obvious attempt to protect his own gambling empire and have little to do with anything else except his bottom line.

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