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Corruption Rife At Lower levels Of Tennis World

Match fixing and illegal betting is sports is no new problem. We have covered this topic in detail over the last few years and with the explosion of instant online information available to everyone, the problem is getting worse.

In a report done by an investigator at the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) it was revealed that at the lower end of professional tennis, corruption is rampant mainly due to players not being able to earn a living and the explosion of online betting which generates billions of dollars.

The report compiled by teams of lawyers specializing in sports law found that,” ‘The current tennis environment provides a lamentably fertile breeding ground for breaches of integrity.”

The less worrying news is that this type of match fixing has not reached the higher levels like the Grand Slams, ATP or WTA Tour events. Most of the offenders are male. Reacting to the report which took over two years to compile at a cost of £15m the sport’s authorities have pledged to implement some of these findings. Some of the immediate measures will include the strengthening of the TIU to 17 employees and limiting “pure appearance fees” which do not offer the player much incentive to perform.

The report also recommends the TIU expand globally and not just be based at their current headquarters in Roehampton.

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