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Coinbase Partners With RewardsPay To Enable Bitcoin Purhases

The world of Bitcoin is never boring as there is growing awareness among merchants that the virtual currency option is here to say. The growing number of businesses, hotels, and big online stores like Shopify and that are embracing the Bitcoin technology means that Bitcoin wallet providers like Coinbase are being kept busy.

Coinbase has made some significant moves in the last few months with their partnership with social investment platform Openfolio and their hiring of insiders in Washington to advance their agenda.

They have made another clever move by partnering up with consumer payment service RewardsPay that enables consumers to use their credit card reward points, hotel points or cash rewards to pay for services and goods at certain online merchants. This in effect will enable consumers to use Bitcoin to pay for purchases made on iTunes and Facebook.

The new partnership between Coinbase and RewardsPay means that consumers can link their RewardsPay account to over eight online merchant services which also include Facebook and iTunes. This entry by Coinbase may seem small but their focus is on the major merchants like Facebook and iTunes which could be a game changer for the Bitcoin wallet provider. Companies like Coinbase are heavily dependent on the expansion of Bitcoin at major merchants in order to achieve real and sustainable growth for the long term.

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