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China Voices Concern Over Philipinnes’ Crackdown of Illegal Online Gambling

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has sparked outrage in the Western world over his controversial statements and polices regarding issues like his anti-narcotics campaign. The latest superpower to feel Duterte’s policies is that of China.

Over 1,200 Chinese nationals were arrested in the Philippines for operating a call like centre that is alleged to have run online gambling operations from a former U.S. air base, Clark field.

Online gambling in the Philippines is legal only in permitted zones and with the right permits. The latest roundup of the Chinese officials could well put a strain on the already problematic relationship between China and the Philippines.

Chinese officials are insisting that the Philippines make appropriate arrangements for these detained and release all individuals who have legal identification. Of the ,1200 detained it remains unclear how many were related to illegal online gambling or offences related to visa and immigration violations.

This latest incident comes at a time that President Duterte has made efforts to get closer to the Chinese government and even stated at a recent Asia- Pacific summit that he would be happy to join Russian and China in a “New World order”.

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